Darcrus Whitepaper


Darcrus is introducing a new way of protecting your data, your customer’s information,
and ensuring your company will have the data you need when you need it with their
custom dAppsheets. There are three distinct types of Darcrus dAppsheet
implementations, from the most private to most public:

 Private, Non-public – Confidential business data or intellectual property
 Private, Public – Authenticated usage, public verification
 Public, Public – Open for use and viewing by anyone or anything

We will give a use case example for each of the above implementations. For any of these
implementations, we will utilize the underlying decentralized platforms such as Waves,
NXT, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, we are able to seamlessly create copies of your database
anywhere your company’s Darcrus node exist. Darcrus and its’ dAppsheet will create a
transparent middleware utility to interface with the users and the blockchain.

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Darcrus Whitepaper