Daneel Whitepaper


First of all, thank you for your interest in Daneel. I hope that this
document will enlighten you about our vision and our project.
Daneel is born from the passion of its creators for Blockchain and
cryptocurrency, in a changing world, one in which the two technologies
have a real role to play.

Our role is to democratize cryptocurrency in order to make it more
accessible to mass market investors, by proposing a thoughtful and
innovative solution for them.

We are aware of the bad publicity linked to the notion of an ICO (Initial
Coin Offering) over previous months, mainly due to a lack of reliability
in certain projects. That’s why, even though the legislative framework is
still developing, we were determined to respect all basic responsibilities
in legislation, security and information. We hope that you will therefore
see this as guarantee of reliability, and that you will believe in us and in

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Daneel Whitepaper