DWS Whitepaper

The internet has changed how businesses operate and how consumers behave. Modern
lifestyles have evolved to revolve around the internet. We use the internet to stay updated
on the latest news, communicate with people, watch videos, play games, and look up
directions. We can send data from one country to another in a matter of seconds, allowing
business to be conducted from any corner of the world and information to go global in real

With the increasing reliance on internet for almost every aspect of our daily lives, Wi-Fi and
mobile data have become a necessity. But despite the explosive growth and reliance on
wireless connectivity, a portion of world’s population are still unable to access internet. Not
only that, even users with internet connectivity are restricted by data limits and borders,
where users are penalized with high data overage fees and astronomical roaming fees. Even
with the current state of free Wi-Fi hotspots, users are obstructed by annoying
advertisements, signing in with personal information to access the free internet connectivity,
and sometimes even risking getting their devices infected with malware.

DWS hopes to solve these problems through blockchain technology. DWS hopes to foster a
global community of Wi-Fi owners, users, and advertisers through establishing Wi-Fi as a
tradable asset, incentivized through DWS tokens.

DWS Protocol Foundation Limited (DWS Protocol), based in Singapore, was set up in 2018 to
revolutionize the global Wi-Fi sharing ecosystem with blockchain technology. DWS hopes that
through this, our community can make instantaneous and secure Wi-Fi connectivity
accessible all over the world.

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DWS Whitepaper