DAV Coin Whitepaper

— Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles (DAV). DAV is a computer network that will ultimately connect
self-driving vehicles (such as cars, trucks, rovers, and drones) to everyone on that network, enabling them to discover,
communicate, and transact. The token shall provide access to the network. Users are admitted to the network for a
charge in tokens per transaction depending on supply and demand. Except for providing access to the DAV Platform
for the relevant transactions, DAV Tokens will not have any functionality or utility. People who own vehicles or the
charging stations on the network are paid a consideration or fee for the services they provide on a peer-to-peer basis
with the relevant users. Through the network, users can have an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their
fingertips to bring them anything, or to take them anywhere. Even in today’s transportation market, and during the
transitional period before autonomous transportation reaches mass adoption, the decentralized transportation
network and its underlying technology can create a variety of economic opportunities such as decentralized, on
demand, manned, rides and deliveries. DAV Coin Website
DAV Coin Whitepaper