DATx Whitepaper


DATx is a revolution of the current advertising industry, aimed to build a brand-new intelligent
advertising ecosystem, with decentralization as its foundation and Artificial Intelligence as its driving

According to the forecast of ZenithOptimedia, since 2011, the global advertising market has
steadily developed, with an overall growth rate of between 4% and 5%. In 2018, global advertising
expenses would increase 4.4% and till the end of year, it would increase to $592 billion. Among
them, the market share of programmatic media buying and advertising would be above 50%.
The era of Mobile and Big Data has provided advantages for the development of programmatic
advertising. Mobile devices connect with users more closely, which is convenient for programmatic
advertisements to identify and locate users. Meanwhile, abundant mobile-based marketing
approaches combined with programmatic advertising, boosts the marketing value of digital
advertising in both accuracy and innovative capabilities.

Programmatic media buying is the purchase of advertisement placement traffic through automatic
procedures involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Real-Time Bidding (RTB). When the targeted
audience appears, the advertisements are delivered to the right groups in real time, with
appropriate advertisement content, thus realizing precise marketing aimed at individual consumers.
On this background of programmatic marketing, the advertisers are no longer restricted to the few
existing approaches to delivering and planning advertisements– they have a much greater level of
flexibility. However, alongside this advantage, programmatic marketing would also bring about “the
Walled Garden” phenomenon in which everyone plays his/ her own game, thus posing a larger
challenge to advertisers, media channels and platforms on their abilities of planning, coordination,
optimization and data protection.

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