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One of the most overwhelming challenges in the digital advertising industry is the abundance of fraudulent data flowing into the entire network, commonly termed as “Ad fraud”.

Currently, more than 40% of digital ad traffic is generated by automated bots which have defrauded advertisers in billions of US dollars annually [29]. Such fraudulent performance marketing deteriorates efficiency of the whole industry, and results in exorbitant costs for advertisers and thereby cuts into the actual revenue for legitimate publishers. Ad fraud is more of a systematic problem. As the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem becomes more and more complex, the middle layers between advertisers and publishers also swell into multiple stacks. Although the pattern of fraud traffic can be detected, gradually more and more by the evolving machine learning technologies, the ever deeper origin or the source is hardly traceable because of the multi-stacked middle layers that typically excel in extremely complex redistribution, routing and redirecting.

Such complexity inevitably has itself invigorated a new set of problems into the digital advertising ecosystem, such as “walled garden” and “data isolation”, etc. The entire AdTech industry is constantly facing the prisoner’s dilemma in that while data sharing globally would maximize the overall performance and effect, yet the optimal strategy for individual user is to keep the behavioral data exclusive locally on the device, be it a PC or mobile. The reason for such dilemma is due to lack of strong incentive to encourage data sharing, and inability to deliver actual value of such incentive if and when it’s available. Autonomous, fair and transparent governance, while simply self-contradictory in a centralized environment, constitutes main thesis in a decentralized and consensus based infrastructure, especially with the blockchain technology.

“We are entering a new era, where people expect the value of the services and communities they create is shared with them……Blockchain tokens offer a new way of sharing that perceived value of the community to its members.”

– Mikko Alasaarela, CEO/founder,
Blockchain Data Foundation

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