DAPS Token Whitepaper

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DAPS is a planned privacy blockchain with a focus on security, scalability and total privacy.

The goal of DAPS protocol is to create a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system with a trustless governance structure, based upon the latest technologies derived from both Monero and PIVX. This is a first in crypto-currencies. DAPS chain verification and consensus models will be based upon PoS nodes (staking and Masternodes) and PoA miners.

How will we do that? We have carefully selected certain tested protocols and utilizing these features together will enable a fully private blockchain network. We plan to offer the most complete anonymity package in any protocol to date, with an on-chain solution to the “Trust Problem”. Our unique solution to the “Trust Problem” is called Proof-of-Audit, which is the keystone to our protocol.

A main goal for DAPS is to anonymize assets and secure an infrastructure for development of further precedent-setting technology. Privacy is a right, not a privilege.

DAPS is proud to say that at the time of writing this whitepaper, we are the first coin to successfully implement a Staking and Masternode hybrid (PoW – PoS – PoA) full privacy chain that fully incorporates RingCT and Bulletproofs.

The DAPS Chain has been tested and approved through a Security Audit by Red4Sec

DAPS Coin Whitepaper