DAPPSTER Whitepaper


What is DL(i)sk?
DL(i)sk is a Lisk-based currency. DL(i)sk is backed by distributed POS (Proof of Stake) system. It allow
you to create your own applications.

DL(i)sk is developed using NODE.JS for the application backend. Why using NODE.JS? Many
developers today know Javascript, it is fast and great to use for real-time software. If Node.js excels at
many concurrent connections, then it makes sense that it excels at multi-user, real-time web applications
like chat and games. Node’s event loop takes care of the multi-user requirement. The real-time power
comes thru use of websocket protocol. Websockets are simple two-way communications channels
between the client and server. So the server can push data to the client just as easily as the client can.
Websockets run over TCP avoiding the overhead of HTTP.

DAPPSTER Whitepaper