DAOstack Whitepaper


DAOstack is an operating system for collective intelligence and a new form of human association: the DAO.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have captured the imagination of the best minds in the blockchain
space, but despite their promise have yet remained unachievable. A central missing element isasolid framework
for decentralized blockchain governance, and in particular scalable and resilient governance protocols that can
support the processing of large number of crowd decisions effectively. At the base of the DAO stack, Arc isa
modular and adaptive framework for governance and collective value management over the blockchain. Justas
HTTP allows the creation and interoperability of web sites and web applications, Arc allows the creation and
interoperability of web companies, collaborative apps and DAOs, as well as the crypto-economic alignment of
their interests. Implemented with novel Holographic Consensus protocols that allow a scalable consensus, the
result is a new web of open collaboration, in which global networks can self-organize around shared goalsand
joint action. We believe that DAOs will impact every territory of lifeand will jumpstart the evolution of society
toward a more cooperative and sustainable future.

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DAOstack Whitepaper