CyberMiles Whitepaper


The blockchain technology holds great promise in business applications. However, current
generation blockchains suffer from low execution efficiency and low developer productivity. As a
result, they are not widely adopted for common business transactions. In this paper, we present a
new blockchain network protocol, called CyberMiles blockchain, that is specifically optimized for
business contract transactions.

Our proposed solution is a protocol innovation that makes a stack of proven business
middleware technologies accessible to a distributed virtual machine on the blockchain. The new
blockchain would be highly performant and scalable supporting over 10,000 transactions per
second. It will enable businesses to write Smart Business Contracts, which are distributed
middleware applications that codify business rules and processes. The network’s native crypto
currency, the CyberMiles Token (CMT), may be used to settle transactions, reward network
validators (who execute Smart Business Contracts), and incentivize community members to
provide services to each other.

A unique advantage of the CyberMiles blockchain is that it will be deployed to support
5miles’ existing e-commerce network of over 10 million US-based registered users, and over $3
billion USD in estimated annual transactions. This would immediately create the largest
blockchain-based commerce network in the world. The network could provide services such as
decentralized user identity and credit management, decentralized settlement clearing house, peerbased
voting and conflicting resolution. Example applications on the network platform include
decentralized personal information “wallets”, peer-to-peer small business loans, and peer dispute

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CyberMiles Whitepaper