Cryptonex Whitepaper


Cryptonex plaƞorm (hereinaŌer “Cryptonex”) is developed as internaƟonal acquiring
and it is based on the blockсhain technology. Instead of tradiƟonal methods, such as venture
investments and share issue, financial model of cryptofinancing ICO – IniƟal Coin Offering –
is used for capital rising.

We are convinced that the blockchain technology can speed up development of
economic coparƟcipaƟon, which is currently solving the sphere’s problems by aƩracƟng a
significant number of previously unclaimed people. The safe system based on blockchain
technology is protected against unauthorized access. Users can convert fiat money to any
cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as spend cryptocurrency with the help of bank cards
and mobile applicaƟons with contactless payments.

Cryptonex is developed as an open source code plaƞorm. To account property rights,
cryptocurrency of the same name Cryptonex, Ɵcker CNX is used. Cryptocurrency Cryptonex
will be in free trade on centralized exchanges in October–November 2017, as soon as the
backoffice and the web wallet are launched.

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Cryptonex Whitepaper