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Trackr is initially a mobile application, and will later become a fully fledged web platform, which
offers real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shifts as they are about to happen The Trackr
platform offers an all-in-one interface to view and manage your portfolio, predicts cryptocurrencies
deemed safe for investment (based on historical analysis and current market trend) in addition
to allowing users to set up watchers to alert on various crypto currencies based on their invocation
criteria. Furthermore, Trackr will also use historical data models in the future and apply machine
learning to obtain prediction models by finding patterns in existing data and simulations.
Trackr is different from other tools such as Coindash, Blockfolio or any other portfolio management
related application since it does not relate to just displaying your static assets and the values
thereof. Trackr enables the user to run a wide set of ’tests’ to determine their future growth. Another
important distinction is that Trackr does not save any of its user data on its servers, nor does
it transmit any user data, all data is stored locally on the user’s client.

We believe that by educating users, new or experienced, with valuable information will enable
them to more easily make an informed decision on whether a certain development is worth pursuing.
This document explains our proposal for the architecture for Trackr, its diverse features and aspects,
proposals and the roadmap.

The Trackr token, (’TKR’), is primarily intended to serve as a subscription fee to access certain features
of the platform. A free tier is provided at no cost to all users for most functionality, while
a few other capabilities will require a monthly nominal fee payable in TKR to use them. Furthermore,
features that may utilize the TKR token are still being worked on and more information will
be shared in due time.

TKR is an ERC20 token issued on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. A safe and publicly auditable
smart contract will handle the exchange of ETH (Ether) for TKR tokens during the token
creation phase.

A total of 65 500 000 TKR tokens will be in existence whereby 90% is allocated to the ICO campaign,
5% to the bounty campaign and the remaining 5% to the team. An additional 500 000 TKR
tokens will be available for the purposes of exchanging pre-ICO tokens to ICO tokens.

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