CryptoFlow Whitepaper

CryptoFlow will offer a new and improved approach to allowing investors
to gain entry into the cryptocurrency market. Acting as an intermediary
between investors’ fiat currency and digital assets, CryptoFlow will allow
users to acquire almost any coin or token of their choosing in exchange
for their fiat with fast, low-fee transactions.
The cryptocurrency market moves fast and the fear of missing out on a
great investment opportunity moves even faster. CryptoFlow will help
relieve the bottleneck of investors that occurs on the main avenues of
entry. By offering near-instant transactions and fees that are lower than
most, CryptoFlow will offer direct access to Bitcoin and hundreds of
other alt coins.
By utilizing the CryptoFlow Coin (CFL) to gain entry into the crypto
market, investors will be able to gain access to 0% fees for transfers.
Through the growing use of the CryptoFlow platform, the team will begin
their Investor Loyalty program, using a portion of platform revenue to
reward masternode holders for their continued support.
As the industry slowly moves closer to mass adoption, the ability for
more and more investors to gain entry to cryptocurrency in an expedient
and hassle-free manner will become vital. CryptoFlow will immediately
begin serving United Kingdom customers and quickly grow into a global
platform. CryptoFlow Website
CryptoFlow Whitepaper