CryptoCarbon Whitepaper


CryptoCarbon (CCRB) is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain which
belongs to a class of Bitcoin 2.0 Protocol.
CCRB is one of the first cryptocurrencies which is backed up by a cashback platform,
CCRB is also currently accepted in many independent platforms as a medium of

This whitepaper intents to give a brief and general outline about the usability of this new
digital asset called CCRB and how any member of public can participate and earn
CCRB. In this paper will explore how CCRB will function as an alternative
cryptocurrency, the products and services and rewards available through the
ecosystems associated with CCRB, the technical information of the product/digital asset
(software specifications) named CCRB, and how CCRB is designed to provide a better
experience for cryptocurrency users.

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CryptoCarbon Whitepaper