Crypto Improvement Fund Whitepaper

Conventional, mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies has been inhibited by a growing industry, lacking the
proliferation of quality education, implementation and accessible resources for common individuals who do not have a
vested interest or technical understanding of the many use cases and practical applications of blockchain technologies.
The following document outlines the preliminary business plans set out and conceptualized by the Crypto
Improvement Fund. The purpose of the proposed project ou tlined in the following document is to aid and promote
the use of blockchain technologies at large, as well as placing an intrinsic focus on business clientele who can make use
of this emerging technology to improve existing processes and paint points.

Forward Looking Statement:
All information displayed in any documentation associated with the website (,, and all associated forums represents forward-looking statements. The only
information that does not represent forward looking statements are historical and factual information. All
statements concerning estimates, projects, unverifiable data, business success, planning, implementation and
execution involve a wide range of uncertainties and significant risk.

Any number of factors could cause the actual results to render materially different results than the statements made by
any individuals associated with Crypto Improvement Fund Holdings Ltd. Some of the items that may affect or change any
of the forward looking statements include; evolving industry standards, changing technologies in which the company
and its’ subsidiaries are currently operating in, the inability to obtain further and/or sufficient funding, the inability to
maintain adequate revenue & cash flow or to even ensure new business or clientele.

CIF or Crypto Improvement Fund (Blockchain.Edu) is an educational platform and services provider ONLY and
does not conduct any independent due diligence on or substantive review of any blockchain asset, digital
currency, cryptocurrency or associated funds.

Anyone who purchases the CIF coin is to have absolutely NO EXPECTATION OF PROFIT. The coin will be used to
purchase a variety of products and services offered by the Company and the Company will not condone or
facilitate the trading or exchange of CIF for other blockchain assets.
Anytime you purchase a blockchain asset there is significant risk that you will lose most, if not all, of your
investment. You alone are solely responsible for evaluating the risks when purchasing or selling any
blockchain based assets. All blockchain based assets are subject to significant unforeseeable risk.

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Crypto Improvement Fund Whitepaper