Cryptaur Whitepaper

Cryptaur’s Crypto-Manifesto
Hey, Mr. Middleman, your days are numbered! A revolution is coming. Total decentralization and
demarketization will leave you no room in the economy of the future. For many centures you,
Middleman, have been telling us your blatant lies about your indispensability. You’ve been luring us
to the market you controlled to perform your shameless “invisible hand” trick by grabbing producers
by their throats and emptying consumers’ pockets.

Your influence has spread everywhere—into trade, banks, state institutions, services, culture and
even personal relationships between people. But now we are telling you: “Stop!” We will take you
by your “invisible hand” and throw you out of the market. We will transform this market, having
freed it from your notorious ancestry, into a modern eco-system where people will freely and fairly
exchange goods, services, ideas and feelings.

Middleman, your worst nightmare is coming ture. The UnMarket is arriving where nobody will
depend on you and will not have to pay your age-old impost anymore. You have been feeding off
human ignorance. To conceal knowledge used to be your main trade. You were persuading suppliers
that their goods were rubbish and bought them for nothing. But then you went to buyers and told
them those same goods were the best. And you sold them at a triple price. And this is exatly what
your “business” was. Now it is over.

Producer! Join us and you will never have to deal with the extortions and legalized racket from the
middleman, be it a shameless trader or a corrupted bureaucrat. If you, as an honest and hardworking person, invent and produce something other people need and want, you can now offer it
directly to your buyers and earn your reasonable and fair profit. With us, your success will only
depend on your real efforts and good standing.

Consumer! You will no longer have to pay for the advertisements of the goods whose real quality
and real price are questionable, to say the least. You will not have to feed the whole chain of
greedy parasite-middlemen who line up between yourself and the producer. Now you can buy
exactly what you need, and you can buy it at the best price possible from the seller that truly
deserves trust. Moreover, while doing your smart shopping, you can serve the community by sharing
your personal consumer experience and being rewarded for doing it.

Imagine a buyer paid 4 dollars for a product. Of these, 3 dollars were pocketed by the middleman.
Producer got just 1 dollar. That is how it used to work. In Cryptaur’s new economic model the same
product will cost 2 dollars, and they will go to the producer in full. Now the producer will have
additional resources to improve the product. The result is that the producer gets twice as much and
the buyer pays two times less, meaning that in Cryptaur the money of all parties will work two
times more efficiently. In our system, everybody wins, except the at last defeated middleman.
Middleman, you must get out! Consumer, you are the master here!
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