CrowdWiz Whitepaper

Our Fund
One click to get started. Boundless freedom for the CrowdWiz-ers!
Accelerate your targets with this exclusive portfolio management screen. You will be amazed to find the ultimate set of features provisioned!
The enhanced performance charts showcase the consistent behavior of the ecosystem while providing useful metrics and statistics. All the mutations of the fund shares / token price are displayed.
Accordingly, you can use our dynamic Fund data tool to access your assets and holdings levels. Get your very own real-time digest of the important latest activities and plan your next master steps!

Our Exchange
One WizExchange to rule them all!
Market and Limit orders executionmarketLimit
Market Maker/Taker fees according to the trading tier statuses
Market Maker and Market Taker Liquidity Bots – getting liquidity from external crypto exchanges via the trading arbitrage bot
Market Depth
Buy/Sell orders and trades on the exchange, as well as history and monitoring of the personal ones
Account summary and portfolio

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