CottonCoin Whitepaper

Thank you for taking the time to read the COTTON COIN Whitepaper. This paper is the
result of collaboration between cotton farmers, agents, buyers, blockchain specialists,
government officials and business advisors.
For centuries, the cotton industry in 3rd world countries has been operating on an archaic
system prone to data manipulation and payment inefficiency.
COTTON COIN resolves these major issues by using blockchain technology where all data
and interactions are auditable, transparent and secure way on COTTON COIN’s
distributed ledger.
COTTON COIN’s versatile solution enables instant peer-to-peer payment, cotton
authentication and grower-to-buyer traceability. It also features two front-end dApps for
the B2B and B2C markets, offering a plethora of services such as cotton advice, live price
monitoring and comprehensive tracking. CottonCoin Website
CottonCoin Whitepaper