Concierge Coin Whitepaper

This document follows the processes
of the design and
development and execution. is a decentralized travel
booking marketplace that utilizes
the NEO blockchain, reducing 3rd
party interaction, whilst pledging a
transparent operational process. system to the travel
industry which connects consumers
directly with vendors over the platform,
to discuss their deals with no fee or
commission associated. With hope
and direction to become the first
decentralized global travel marketplace/
application that will be a one-stop shop
for all travel related services. Current
centralized market leaders (e.g. Booking.
com, Airbnb. com, take 15-
45% booking fees from vendors which
prices are passed onto consumers more
often than not. Added to this fee, are
ones from payment merchants charging
around 2-3% on each transaction. marketplace UI (UserInterface) and UE (User-Experience)
have been designed to give as much
accessibility to both the vendor and
consumers. The platform utilizes specific
API’s to enable speed of transfering
listings from other platforms providing
maximum efficiency. Traditional
payment methods (e.g. Visa/Master
Card) will be an option with top
cryptocurrencies also added in due
course. Whilst for consumers the ease
of use for now booking a hotel, tour
or property utilizing cryptocurrencies
is upon us. The focus towards the
community will be to increase
substantial worth of the CGE token.
This will increase as we constantly grow
the team bringing in both blockchain
and travel industry experts and develop
the platform giving an everyday usage
for blockchain whilst changing the
industry for the better.
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Concierge Coin Whitepaper