CommunityGeneration Whitepaper

The main mission of CGEN is to bring together the like-minded people to support socially important startups worldwide.

Passive income
CGEN mining works that bringing 77% per annum to its holders (over time the complexity is increasing and yields can fall). Now it is the best time to buy.

A shortage of coins for purchase
Holders of CGEN do not sell them massively, but keep them on their wallets for mining, it is the own “printing press”. Only the mined surpluses are sold.

The effect of novelty
A new CGEN coin is developed based on the new and most progressive and green PoS technology, without the costs on iron and electricity, where anyone can mine.

The coin will go to the first exchange on March 2018 and then on two more exchanges in a row.

Tokens of new startups from Crowdsale Network can be purchased with CGEN.

We pay a one-time bonus of appreciation, it is 10% for attracting an investor. This will lead to the viral dissemination of information about the coin.

The potential for multiplying your capital on the CGEN coin.

The own community of investors of 2000 people are waiting for new products
In addition, there is a very big market of coin buyers around us. At the moment, all investors, funds and traders are looking for an instrument to increase income, because the market has been falling for 3 months already.

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