CommerceBlock Whitepaper


Approximately $350 trillion in global assets are held and traded within the confines of
the fiat banking system. Limited by a lack of liquidity, transparency, and accountability
between centrally managed financial institutions and their customers, capital markets do
not operate as freely and efficiently as possible.[1]
We believe that the inefficiencies of traditionally styled financial infrastructure limits
global trade and economic growth. By moving assets and trade to a public blockchain, we
can eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries whose externalities have weighed negatively
on global trade flows. CommerceBlock has engineered the first platform for enabling
global economic trade in a secure, private, and efficient manner on public blockchains.
All of our current and future product offerings will be based on peer-reviewed research
authored by experts from the open source and academic cryptocurrency communities.
CommerceBlock has active integrations with clients in the financial and commercial real
estate industries.

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CommerceBlock Whitepaper