CoinToGo Whitepaper

About CoinToGo
So far, the crypto currency market has clearly been dominated by Bitcoin. With many new thinkings and the introduction of new technologies, a change has taken place . The use of Blockchain technology offers endless possibilities, especially in app development and virtual reality. The goal of Concept 2GO is to combine these two components. Smartphones and App’s are becoming increasingly popular, this gives us the opportunity to reach out the masses with the subject cryptocurrency. 2GO is a coin, focused on usability with easy access for everyone.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still a very young market. We are at the beginning of a technical revolution, comparable to the start of the Internet. Of course, with the many new possible applications, we also facing challenges and changes in this market. The main focus at 2GO lies in the security and ease of use from the coin. Many cryptocurrencies are technically difficult to handle and therefore not interesting for the mass-market. Our goal is to simplify the usage process that it is easy for anyone to own and use 2GO’s. We work hard to ensure the highest standards of security for the Coin and its users. The blockchain develops – like the app technology – faster and faster, and reached with the smartphone almost everyone. The use of smart algorithms, augmented reality and new applications generate new opportunities and enormous future potential. Through API interfaces with integrated blockchain technology, it is possible to connect multiple applications and thus easily exchange information and values. Our goal for 2GO is to combine all of this into one multifunctional app. Innovative interfaces will be designed to easily integrate and connect other business models and projects in our blockchain.

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