CoinPoker Whitepaper


CoinPoker is a poker room built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for poker players
and casual purchasers. Poker players will benefit from games offered at extremely competitive rakes with
huge value added bonuses and promotions to drive traffic and a potential appreciation of their CHPs
associated with the development of a robust poker economy.
CoinPoker is not a concept, it’s been fully developed and is ready to launch post ICO ensuring immediate
benefits to the CHP purchasers. The software is fully tested and the MVP (minimum viable product) is
ready to try. Millions have already been invested to get the software to this state.
CoinPoker’s blockchain technology also solves the key obstacles inhabiting the growth of online poker
today, namely avoiding payment processing issues, managing game integrity, creating purely random
number generation and allowing for blockchain marketing initiatives. Even product design, new games
can be controlled by a blockchain voting system based on user preferences.
The timing is perfect for CoinPoker as recent forecasts expect online poker to surge in popularity with
previously taboo markets coming back online (such as parts of the U.S) and poker growing in popularity in
emerging regions such as Asia and South America. Expenditure is set to treble of the next 3 years.
Due to the reasons listed above, we would like to introduce you to our ICO, or Initial Coin Offering.PreICO
is going to start on November 16th, and the ICO is expected to start mid-January. Throughout we
will be releasing 500 million of our Tokens called Chips (CHP). Chips will be our official currency that will
circulate within the platform, benefiting the holders of the currency.

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CoinPoker Whitepaper