Coimatic 3.0 Whitepaper

Coimatic is designed to help the crypto community buy and sell goods online using its own
cryptocurrency. The objective is to offer the community to buy and sell a range of discounted
goods and services from thousands of online merchants via Coimatic’s in-built marketplace
The Coimatic project aims to create a daily deal and discount marketplace, where buyers,
wherever they are in the world, can access a range of both physical and digital goods and services
at heavily discounted prices – in some cases, up to 90%.
For their part, sellers, irrespective of their geographical location, can offer their products and
services to customers they would not normally be able to reach through traditional advertising
and marketing campaigns and channels, enabling them to expand their greatly expand their client
base and revenue streams. Coimatic, in turn, will make money from levying commission on the
sellers’ side.
This means that all parties will gain through the marketplace – the buyers, the sellers and
Coimatic itself.
The Coimatic concept is based on the daily-deal, coupon-based, discount promotion business
model, the principal difference being that Coimatic is decentralised and blockchain-based, which
means that it is available to everyone, is faster and more secure, and can be applied to any
transaction, whatever the size of amount.
To put the Coimatic project fully in context then, it is essential to understand the these dailydeal, discount and coupon business models on which it is based, as well as some of their
limitations of it which Coimatic hopes to address.

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Coimatic 3.0 Whitepaper