Our vision
Great ideas come from the most unexpected places. Until now, great ideas had an
advantage when born in Silicon Valley. Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon all
benefted from being in the right place and reaching the right people. Te distributed
economy will change this for blockchain startups.
We have been working hard for months to fnd the best experts and exceptional
entrepreneurs who just need a bit of extra help to reach their full potential. With your
support, we will be able to showcase these hand-picked projects to visionary supporters
like yourself.

But this is just the beginning for
Today, is a self-sustained business consultancy, focusing on carefully-selected
projects. But just as we know that great ideas can come from anywhere, we also know
there are many experts all over the world that can help good ideas grow into exceptional
businesses. Tat is why our ultimate goal is to build a platform where hundreds of
thousands of the best startups go to expand their potential and fnd investment. A
platform where millions of experts with proven track records offer their expertise. And a
platform where tens of millions of investors go to fnd the best projects to support
without worrying about their legitimacy.
In doing so, will become one of the platforms that will harness the disruptive
power of the blockchain and translate the logic of interactions into successful distributed
business models that shape the future.

A distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future.
Tis is our vision. We have started building it by forming a network of exceptional
advisors like William Mougayar, Evan Van Ness, Vincent Eli and David Prais and
exceptional partners like Deloitte and Wachsman PR. We’re constantly adding great
experts to our network and have selected the frst amazing projects to debut on in the coming weeks. is using the concepts, support, feedback and funding of the blockchain’s early
adopters. will frst be built by the blockchain community for the
blockchain community—and then for the whole world. Website Whitepaper