Cloud Whitepaper

Abstract (the “Company”) has three main objectives:
1) To decentralize the provisioning of cloud services, migrating from a global infrastructure
operated by a small group of hyperscale service providers to a blockchain-based peer-to-peer
infrastructure operated by millions of small individual providers and contributors of cloud
2) To simplify the use of professional cloud services for all levels of web users turning such
services into a commodity product that is universally accessible and utilized by the general
3) To monetize the new decentralized cloud services ecosystem with a dedicated cryptocurrency
governed by a smart contract enabling automated and trusted reconciliation of payments between
all peer-to-peer cloud services providers.
The Company has already achieved the first milestone by establishing its simplified provisioning and
setup of cloud services that can be easily operated by even the most novice web users.
As a second phase, intends to facilitate the creation of a globally decentralized cloud
hosting grid, allowing cloud-based applications to automatically scale across millions of cloud service
providers who are in fact individuals contributing small portions of their redundant home/office computer
resources to become a part of the blockchain cloud grid (thus effectively creating the new Crowd Cloud)
and benefiting from continuous Provider income.

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Cloud Whitepaper