Clipper Coin Whitepaper

Clipper Coin Capital provides professional financial services to the crypto market through ClipperX Ratings,
ClipperX Capital Broker-Dealer, and ClipperX Investment Bank.

ClipperX Rating is an agency that uses modern portfolio theory to analyze and rank listed cryptocurrencies and
ICO project tokens with the objective of providing high Sharpe ratio investment portfolio advice.

ClipperX Capital is a brokerage that combines traditional financial product transactions and crypto trading while
providing investment research, market making, and asset management services.

ClipperX Investment Bank is an investment bank that provides traditional investment banking services to the
Token Sale market.

With a team of experienced financial professionals, Clipper Coin Capital will bring financial knowledge and
technical innovation to provide ratings, brokerage, and investment banking services in the crypto market.

As Adam Smith described the “Invisible Hand” in Wealth of Nations, Clipper Coin Capital will act as the
information and credit intermediary for the crypto market, allocating limited financial resources to the best
projects and promote the welfare of the crypto ecosystem.
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Clipper Coin Whitepaper