ClearPoll Whitepaper


In recent times, public opinion data has been manipulated to suit various political, social
and corporate agendas.
Opinion polls reported on many issues are wildly inaccurate. These fabricated or heavily
biased opinion polls are designed to alter real public opinions. People are not being
provided with an accurate picture of what the general public really wants.

ClearPoll aims to provide more accurate public opinion data. We do this by allowing
wider participation, by making polls easily accessible via our ClearPoll app. We allow
our users to vote on topics, and then the topics with the most votes become active
polls for everyone to vote on. That means that people are deciding what matters to
them most, and then people are voting on that issue. There is no one person or
corporation making decisions on which questions are asked, or which poll results are
made public. It is an incredibly transparent and accurate way of gauging public opinion.

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ClearPoll Whitepaper