Centaure Whitepaper

The most important thing about Centaure is that it has no direct competitors. Being in an untapped market (along with
positive research outcomes) ensures that our platform has a bright future ahead. The success of any startup depends on
three main factors, Concept, Planning and Motivation of the team. We strongly believe our idea to be an innovation that
will help the users to eliminate the barriers of in-person meetings by conducting them live online. Further, Centaure team
(acting as a third party) will ensure the quality, standard and security required between the two parties.

Current Problems
The global pay-rate variations: Having the same set of skills, experience and knowledge doesn’t guarantee the
consultants (in whichever field) the same pay-rate across the globe. Due to this, they usually end up getting
under/overpaid. Here’s a quick explanation for the better understanding of this scenario:
China and USA are counted among the countries with the best healthcare services. However, a qualified medical advisor
in China will not be able to earn anywhere near the average salary of a qualified medical advisor living in United States.
Since the national pay-rate of medical advisors in China is low, they don’t make as much money as they could have
Substandard services in undeveloped/developing countries: There are a number of countries that lag behind in terms of
fulfilling the required standard of services in the market. This makes it difficult for the locals to acquire the same quality
of services asthey would in the developed countries.
High unemployment rate: According to wikipedia, 44 countries are suffering from the unemployment rate of more than
15%. This number translates into 22% of the world facing this issue. Even if they have the required talent and knowledge,
they don’t necessarily have a job to utilize that talent.
High consultation costs: In developed countries, there is a fair supply of quality consultants/advisors that almost fulfills
the market standards. However, the clients/customers are required to pay high fees to appoint these consultants/advisors.
From the customer’s point of view, high cost matters a lot and in order to get their consultation/advisory within their
allocated budget, the clients are usually required to look for cheaper options. This affects the overall quality of the service
they get.

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Centaure Whitepaper