Ccore Whitepaper


A lot of time has passed, since creation
of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Cryptofinancial enthusiasts have done a
great job, created many important
projects, which led to growth of
crypto-currencies popularity around the

Number of interested people sharply
increased, which was proved by growing
plurality of online wallets by several million
only in 2016. The equivalent value of many
cryptocurrencies, the total capitalization of
all electronic cash exceeded the record of
100 billion US dollars.

But with all these positive dynamics there
are a several unsolved problems. The main
problem is: business does not perceive the
crypto currency as type of payment for
goods and services due to high exchange
volatility of prices for it.

Our team develop a platform, where high
volatility of prices for cryptocurrencies will
not be a problem.

For this purpose, we created a smart contract
based on Ethereum platform and
produced 10 million Ccoin tokens. Ccoin
tokens is a digital currency which you will be
able to pay for goods or services in online

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Ccore Whitepaper