CashBet Coin Whitepaper

Mobile gaming and cryptocurrency are two of the fastest growing, demand-driven markets
in the world today. CashBet is merging these technologies into an iGaming solution and
issuing CashBet Coin to solve the problems facing crypto casino operators and players
today: speed, trust, cost, content and access.

CashBet is the only complete, crypto-ready, mobile-first iGaming platform with an
established, profitable presence in regulated gaming markets. Launched in 2012, CashBet
has hundreds of thousands of registered players, tens of millions of Pounds Sterling
wagered, gaming licenses in multiple jurisdictions, and customers from all facets of
iGaming (real-money, social, and skill-based) from around the world.

● The CashBet platform is uniquely positioned to set the standard in the
emerging cryptocurrency iGaming space. Architected and implemented by
iGaming veterans, its modular, end-to-end iGaming solution reflects years of both
B2B and B2C iGaming experience. It is creating a proprietary off-chain payment
technology that will significantly reduce costs and increase payout speeds, making
CashBet Coin the most desirable cryptocurrency in the iGaming market.

● The CashBet platform is the only crypto-casino platform licensed in multiple
tier 1 gaming jurisdictions. The platform and all associated games – over 450 titles
– have passed rigorous third-party compliance testing. It features a player and
content management system, content distribution tailored for the crypto casino
market, a geo-verification system, and a responsible gaming module, all of which
can be licensed to crypto casino operators. It includes full support for
FATF-compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

● CashBet is white-label capable. CashBet empowers operators and developers to
easily launch their own bespoke iGaming sites, content, and apps.

● CashBet Coin (“CBC”) tokens will be offered to token purchasers during a
token sale that commenced in January 2018. The acceptance of CBC will
democratize access to world-class entertainment for those underserved by the
centralized banking establishment.

● The phases of the CashBet solution are as follows:
o Phase 1 CashBet Coin VIP registration. CashBet registers players who
deposit 1,000 CBC attain instant VIP membership and substantial bonuses
for gameplay unavailable to players not holding the 1,000 CBC balance.

o Phase 2 CashBet crypto gaming. CashBet will convert CBC at the time of
wager to a fiat currency and convert any winnings back to CBC at the same
rate. This will make hundreds of games available to cryptocurrency players
and operators.

o Phase 3 Direct CBC wagering. CashBet enables wagering in CBC with no fiat
currency conversion. In addition, Phase 3 will include the rollout of
CryptoRGS, CashBet’s content distribution platform for crypto casino

o Phase 4 CrytoGo Payment channel-based gaming. CashBet’s proprietary
implementation, CryptoGo, is an off-chain
1 state channel-based payment technology. It will allow wagers and
payouts made directly between players’ ERC20 capable wallets and the CashBet
platform without the need for a deposit account. This will allow immediate payouts
and a significant reduction in fees.

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CashBet Coin Whitepaper