Carebit Whitepaper

The Carebit Network and Care coin will enable a first-of-its kind blockchainpowered real-world and real-time donation disbursement and fund tracking
service for Charitable Donations. Through our proprietary FUND TRACKING TOOL,
charitable donations are completed with FULL transparency; something that
was never before possible until now. Finally, individuals and institutions will take
comfort and full consolation in the direct engagement of their charitable deeds
through the Carebit network, which will facilitate the direct transfer of funds to
charitable causes through Carebit’s own charitable causes. Ultimately, Carebit will
tackle emergency cataclysmic events by helping to resolve long-stemming and
largely neglected issues. For example, issues that currently go un-aided by current
charitable operations, which suffer from mismanagement, regulatory factors,
corruption, and bureaucratic overheads that ultimately leave very little to trickle
down to the supposed benefactors.

Carebit’s network and community features a dynamic and organic governance
system; one that is always growing and evolving to meet real-world charitable
needs as they occur.

Carebit and the Care coin will operate within this ecosystem and offer a multipronged and multi-dimensional protocol for charitable contributions. Most
importantly, Carebit and the Care coin will record the usage and tracking of said
funds down to every penny. The network will offer a direct cause funding feature,
which is a growing targeted partnership of the most reputable and established
global Charities who will ultimately use the Care coin to onboard direct charitable
contributions. In addition, the network will offer direct-cause piecemeal funding of
individual itemized invoices directly aiding and resolving specific needs, all of which
run transparently and immutably on the Carebit blockchain.

The Carebit network will also feature its own decentralized exchange, CAREDEX.
Care coins and other coins, which are approved by the governance model (only
the legitimate projects), can be purchased directly from CAREDEX with the added
feature of having the ability to donate in any token on the exchange that users
currently hold.

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Carebit Whitepaper