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The buzz around cryptocurrencies is booming and accelerating more quickly
than ever, with more major media outlets covering new developments every
day. With daily exposure in nearly every major newspaper and television station,
it is clear that cryptocurrency is fast becoming mainstream. Not only is the
discussion growing larger, but the market capitalization and trading volumes are
sky-rocketing at an exponential rate.

On January 1, 2017, roughly a year ago, the market capitalization of all
cryptocurrencies was recorded at US$17 billion, with 24-hour global trading
volumes peaking at US$292 million. On December 31, 2017, the market cap
reached US$610 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of US$33 billion, an increase
of 3588% in market cap and over 10000% increase in trading volume in only one
year! To put these numbers into perspective, this is the equivalent of Whatsapp
(worth US$19 billion) growing its market capitalization to the size of tech
powerhouse Apple (worth over US$700 billion). At the current rate of growth, the
cryptocurrency market could overtake the market capitalization of every
company listed on the Dow Jones by April 2018.

Although this boom creates an amazing opportunity for traders and startup
projects, it also uncovers challenges to the cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure
that supports them. Frequent outages and trading delays are being seen on
exchanges unprepared to deal with swarms of new users, sometimes reaching
over 100,000 per day. Trading platforms are also under constant attack from
hackers, experience stolen funds, and lack policy transparency, eroding the trust
of their users. Just in July of 2017, over US$50 million worth of stolen
cryptocurrency was reported, and it can be assumed that that number does not
include unreported thefts that may be occurring daily.


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Capdax Token Whitepaper