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Not only business people and politicians, but also consumers have been realizing lately that our
economies and societies are undergoing dramatic changes due to the so-called “digitalization”. The term
“digitalization” refers to a variety of different phenomena with a strong impact on our daily life’s and the
way value is created in our economies. The future research company “Z-Punkt” uses another term and
writes about “Connected Reality 2025”.

A major trend that is currently turning the “Connected Reality 2025” into reality is the “Internet of Things”.
It is a “network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded

” An example which is repeated quite often in public discussions is the refrigerator, which is
connected to the Internet and can autonomously order fresh food if necessary. But the Internet of Things
is far more: Based on the rapidly decreasing costs of high-performance sensors literally everything can be
equipped with a sensor and get connected.

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