COSS Whitepaper

This white paper describes the structure, functionality, and features of Crypto One-Stop Solution (COSS), a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched by a Singapore company, C.O.S.S. Pte Ltd in April 2017. At the time of writing, the COSS platform is in beta, and its primary function is to serve as a cryptocurrency exchange. However, the conceptual model of COSS is not just confined to a cryptocurrency exchange. It also includes the implementation of multiple merchant tools aimed at the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future. We will describe these instruments in the chapters devoted to the company’s roadmap and development throughout 2018.

Through its services and merchant tools, COSS (a.k.a. COSS.IO) intends to improve the overall cryptocurrency user experience. COSS aims to build a foundation for a community of cryptocurrency users, companies, startups, traders, customers, and merchants into a viable market, or an ecosystem that will expand with the implementation of new features on COSS.IO. All of the components mentioned above in combination will provide a stable ground for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

With insufficient user and merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies, low transaction volumes, and consequently, low market prices, not enough viable solutions have been provided to make cryptocurrencies user-friendly. The path from creating a digital wallet to making actual payments in cryptocurrencies is still inconvenient, cumbersome, and technically challenging. When addressed mindfully, these barriers can be overcome by using a one-stop solution approach. A one-stop solution implies a single venue or platform designed specifically to educate users about the variety of tokens on the market, help individuals make informed choices, and provide multiple possibilities for digital currency use, all in the same place. All cryptocurrencies listed on COSS are subject to examination by us.

The primary focus of the COSS platform at this time is to improve the overall cryptocurrency user experience through its services and features, and above all, its cryptocurrency exchange. COSS approaches usability issues related to virtual currencies in an innovative way, inspired by disruptive technologies and trends such as blockchain, smart contracts, DAOs, token sales, and so on. The platform gathers the most popular services and products associated with cryptocurrency into a single outlet. COSS allows users to deposit, withdraw, buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrency safely, and to take advantage of the additional services that are and will be continuously implemented on COSS.IO to keep up with the fast-paced fintech industry.

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