COMSA [ETH] Whitepaper


Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin as a crypto currency in early 2009, we have witnessed great
interest in the usage of the technology. In a span of 8 years, we have seen an astronomical growth
in the landscape, with close to a thousand different projects centering on the blockchain technology.
This rapid growth gave rise to the use of cryptocurrencies that are an alternate form of value
transaction within the burgeoning blockchain community and which are fast spreading to
mainstream use.

In recent times, there have been many newly created projects in the blockchain space that are
focused on crypto-centric users, some of which are cutting edge and highly motivated to not only
succeed in the initial offerings, but scale as markets and economies transform over time. On the
contrary, most of the headlines by mainstream and legacy organizations/enterprises on the use of
blockchain solutions are no better than a simple proof of concept. The majority of these mainstream
initiatives even leverage on taglines such as “blockchain inspired” or “blockchain centered”
technologies, thus giving a new impetus and interest to their existing business.
The general notion is that cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile and this feature is here to stay. In
fact, volatility can sometimes be a strong selling point for cryptocurrencies, but that is also one of
the largest obstacles for real businesses to adopt them. And network fees always haunt us as we
try to implement public blockchains in legacy business practices such as trades, bookkeeping,
guidelines, or compliance. The fees, per se, are not that they are expensive, but they become an
administrative nightmare as their users should not be bothered with having to deal with managing
their transaction fees.

As such, this rate of phenomenal growth has undoubtedly left many gaps that are yet to be fulfilled.
The existence of these gaps has resulted in a high barrier to entry for enterprises who have trouble
trying to bridge their islands of existence to the rest of the crypto and mainstream economies. We
are in a state of flux and solutions are needed to address these issues.
Tech Bureau Corp. is now carrying out a token sale exercise to crystalize an effort to offer a solution
to address the aforementioned problems.

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COMSA [ETH] Whitepaper