CARAT Whitepaper is creating the first financial market for diamonds. Using their state-of-the-art algorithm, have developed a means to standardize prices for these non-homogeneous gemstones,
creating the foundation for a diamond-backed digital currency. applies a sophisticated algorithm that compares individual diamond grade to daily market
conditions, thereby achieving the often-elusive goal of objective and consistent pricing. Carats.
io’s partnerships with international diamond dealers are used to amass safe, audited reserves of
diamonds. These are used to issue digital credit quickly and effectively, audited resreves are quickly
and effectively issued thier due in digital credit. The digitization achieves highly reliable accountability,
stability, and fungibility, allowing the polished diamond industry to establish a consumer crypto
currency, the CARAT Token, backed by our private, digitized reserves of diamonds.
By commoditizing the diamond market, allows end users to redeem their tokens in the
real-world diamond market without relying upon the hard-to-find expertise. Rather, they can trade
with a more familiar less volatile, and entirely asset backed CARAT Token. The global ledger of the
blockchain further detaches dealers and institutions from banks, affording previously impossible
forms of value exchange.
CARAT is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token.

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