BuzzCoin Whitepaper


BUZZcoin is a non-profit blockchain implementation
that aims to help save the worlds declining
bee population.
By implementing blockchain technology into
existing bee hives BUZZcoin aims to create a
worldwide data network that collects beehive
health data. The project brings together a diverse
group of experts, developing a smart hive
device prototype that will soon enter its field
testing phase.

BUZZcoin is supporting the global effort to save
the bees by providing collected data to scientific
projects and organizations that focus on saving
the worlds bee population. By providing this
data to the network and being able to get highly
accurate data from the hives, beekeepers are
rewarded in cryptocurrency for their data collection.
This will ensure a wide spread usage of
the smart hive devices.

The core team’s main focus when they started
the BC-HMD Device development back in
October 2017 was collecting industry specific
research, primarily focusing on the smart hive
technology. The teams experience in various
industries is the driving force behind the prototype
development. Transitioning the architecture
of BUZZcoin from a proof-of-stake coin into
one of the very few existing cryptocurrencies
that have a real world application.
The network data provided – coupled with the
features of a modern blockchain implementation
– can truly revolutionize the entire beekeeping

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BuzzCoin Whitepaper