BunnyToken Whitepaper

BunnyToken: The Future of Payments in the Adult Industry

BunnyToken is a project inspired by the adult industry which aims to offer all businesses related
to the industry a safe and reliable payment solution, to guarantee safety and minimise rejections
based on the nature of the business. Our vision is a future where a large share of the adult market
uses one unified token; Bunny, for all their transactions. The different sectors of the industry
will create an intricate ecosystem with thousands of interconnected businesses, in which the
token will be exchanged, and its value will be consistently on the rise. Our aim is for BunnyToken
to become the principal cryptocurrency which will largely replace fiat currencies in the multibillion dollar adult industry over the course of several years. BunnyToken will serve as a solution
to a prominent problem, becoming a highly used and valuable token for millions of businesses
and individuals. This whitepaper will explain the details of this vision and exactly how we see it
coming to fruition.

The adult industry has been prominent since before print was even invented and has noticeably
expanded in the last decades due to technological advancements such as mainstream television,
pay per view and of course the internet. There are thousands of adult websites, magazines,
studios, movies even mainstream reality and award shows. The industry, however, continues to
be an ‘underground’ world, which faces not only criticism by the public but also many financial
limitations which affect users on both sides of the business.

At a time when viewers have access to free adult content at the click of a button, making the
decision to pay is encouraged by two main things: security and anonymity, both hard to acquire
by using conventional payment methods on the world wide web.

In comes BunnyToken. With the creation of Bunny we are building an ecosystem for the vast
types of adult businesses and consumers to have access to an advanced, safe and accessible
payment system built on the revolutionary blockchain technology which caters to both ends; the
business and the consumer

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