Bullion Whitepaper

The innovation that has been carried out by technology in this modern age transcends human
imagination. The ideas are going crazy, and it’s going to become even crazier in years to come. The only
permanent thing in life is change. Technology is changing every part of our daily lives. One of the most
important aspects of human life that has received considerable attention of technology is the financial
sector; technology is revolutionizing the way financial transactions are being done all over the world via
the introduction of cryptocurrency into the financial market.

Bulleon is not just another digital asset service, it will be a product combination with a massive amount
of high skilled labor input. Bulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building
a strong, concept-driven currency that offers the chance to see profits and gains considerably snappier
and can take benefits out more effortlessly. Bulleon will provide customer user-friendly tools to satisfy
his all the digital resource needs and help comfortably navigate the crypto world. The customer only
needs to focus on his own business, not its technical difficulties.

Our strategy to make Bulleon mighty and respectable is simple and unique in the cryptomarket. Bulleon
will raise funds by directly selling its token, turning supporters and investors into users. Our ICO will
offer 96% of our total Bulleon supply in a total of 10 phases, and each phase will contain 760,000BUL
for a fixed price. All funds raised at the development stage will be re-invested into further development,
expansion, and promotion of the Bulleon guaranteeing a quicker growth rate and increased popularity.
Bulleon is backed by an ever-growing team of highly experienced professionals, at present there are
16 seasoned veterans working on the project and the speed will accelerate as we continue to reach
our quarterly targets. We believe that millions of people need this kind of service, on top of that
the “digital asset” -audience is growing by one hundred thousand new users every day.

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