Budbo Whitepaper


Budbo’s journey has taken many paths, touched
many lives, and connected a great number of
people. Since you are reading this, you are now
a part of that journey. Thank you for your time
and consideration.

Budbo began as a simple idea; we wished to
connect patients and users with the highest
quality, locally available cannabis products. Yet
within this simple mission, we realized we had
created something much more extraordinary: a
platform on which dispensaries, manufacturers,
and growers can get the most accurate data
possible on patient and user preferences.
A synergy was born. We quickly noticed a direct
correlation between the number of patients
using the application and the diversity of the local
product offering around them. In short, the more
patients exploring products and finding flower
through the application, the better and more
targeted information our network of growers,
manufacturers, and dispensaries would receive
through the Budbo dashboard. Allowing them to
make spot-on forecasting decisions when it comes
to product trends, whether that be which products
to buy and stock their shelves with, which strains
to grow and cultivate, or which concentrates or
edibles to manufacture and distribute – Budbo
bridged the gaps between patient, dispensary,
manufacturer, and grower.

Business was good, and to accommodate
our growing cannabis network we expanded
our product offering to include real-time GPS
tracking of cannabis shipments.

Our current network consists of roughly 75,000
users and patients, 2,000+ dispensaries, 500+
product manufacturers, and 50+ grow operations.
Growing into a worldwide network has been
a challenging but steady climb. Now we
elevate our offering even further by utilizing
the immutable ledger of blockchain and the
tokenization of our platform.

Imagine, if you will, the entire cannabis industry as
a decentralized autonomous organization. Where
a patient’s identification and medication regimen
are encrypted and safely stored within the ledger
of a blockchain. Where a smart contract enables
the safe transfer of goods through verifiable proof
of pick up, bill of lading, and proof of delivery.
Medical testing of cannabis potency is verified
and immutable as the product is moved from lab
to dispensary. The community at large is a selfgoverning
group of activists, patients, physicians,
developers, artists and enthusiasts all working
towards the common goal of improving the
cannabis industry through contributing votes, time,
engineering and knowledge to the decentralized
applications and network of Budbo.

This can be our future. We can make it a reality.
Thank you for your contribution of time, treasure,
and effort.

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