BritCoin Whitepaper

Britcoin brings together a number of technological advancements to provide a Open-Source and Peer-to-Peer currency network, available to anyone without any signup or registration. Thanks to cutting edge cryptography and blockchain technology, Britcoin makes sending and receiving payments decentralized, free and safe. Financial liberation is here.

Unlike traditional methods of payment (debit cards or bank transfer) the Britcoin network is peer-to-peer and has no central authority, this means there are no 3rd parties involved in transactions. The Britcoin network acts as an Open-Source central bank that allows people to transact with each other directly – Everyone plays by the same rules set in code.

There are many reasons why you should make the move from traditional currency to Britcoin. Whether you’re politically right or left, everyone can agree that the current financial system is unfair and needs competition. People are tired of large financial institutions having total control of their money, whether that means Fractional Reserve Banking or Quantitative Easing everyone knows something’s not right with how our monetary system operates and who it benefits. In a world where governments have the power to freeze and take your money without permission, Britcoin changes this by putting control of your money in your hands.

Britcoin not only provides people with financial freedom but can also save British businesses billions of pounds each year in merchant fees. Because Britcoin is decentralized there are next to no fees for sending and receiving payments, this means British businesses of all sizes have an alternative to the fees and charges associated with taking payments for their goods and services.

Getting started with Britcoin couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is download the Britcoin wallet and from there you can create as many wallet addresses as you please. This means a small shop owner can begin accepting Britcoin payments with zero upfront costs and requires nothing more than a mobile or tablet with internet access. To see why Britcoin is a superior payment network take a look at the comparison table below and see for yourself. For more information on how to get started check our guides.

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BritCoin Whitepaper