Bridge Protocol Whitepaper

The Bridge Protocol is an open, distributed network of trusted machines and users promoting
behaviors, standards and enforcement mechanisms to provide real-world value and application.
The system facilitates an ability for users to deploy business processes that comply to existing
standards and regulations.

Our private blockchain will provide secure processing of assets, with an aim to guarantee trusted
execution using smart contracts, eventually backed by real-world regulatory compliance in the
nation which they occur. The system will be comprised of trusted virtual machines, providing user
accessible functions for enterprise-grade business operations.

The Bridge Protocol Corporation will begin issuing digital identities to permit individuals and
businesses to engage securely and freely, while building extensive real-world trust networks. Early
identities will be centrally issued and managed by the company to promote a trusted and stable
foundation to the Protocol. For wider adaptation and versatility, this management system will
allow self-sovereign identities to be recognized and managed. The first service offered on the
Protocol is a Tier flagging of these identities, which coupled with contract logic developed by the
Bridge Protocol Corporation, will allow for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to have auditable KnowYour-Customer (KYC) information to ensure regulatory compliance. Bridge Protocol Website
Bridge Protocol Whitepaper