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The world’s healthcare is broken and needs to be fixed. Per the World Bank, global spending on
health is expected to increase to $18.28 trillion. Despite this, many people do not know how to
keep healthy and prevent diseases. Many developing nations do not even have the most basic of
healthcare services and technology. Generic drugs, which are more cost effective, often do not
reach people who need them most. However, times are changing. Leaps are being made in digital
health technology and preventive medicine, and generally speaking, human lifespan is
increasing. Remote at-home testing and diagnostic devices are seeing rapid advances and will
revolutionize convenient and accessible healthcare at home.

We believe that lack of access to convenient personal healthcare services is a barrier to humans
around the world, keeping them from having longer, healthier and happier lives.
Beyond these challenges are opportunities. We are in a stage where large-scale incumbent
healthcare providers, hospitals, technology firms and pharmaceutical companies are competing
to control patients’ data in a centralized system for their own benefit. Naturally, this reduces the
portability of data for patients and further entrenches the incumbents and solidifies their grip on
patient data. Bowhead envisions a decentralized Blockchain-based health data repository
controlled by the patient to ensure optimal security, portability and personal benefits.
Blockchain is a perfectly suited transparent system upon which customers can use Bowhead
Tokens to pay for healthcare practitioners, nutritional supplements and medicine. Customers will
also receive Bowhead tokens for participating in health-promoting activities or clinical studies as
part of an integrated program to incentivize preventive health and better treatments.
Bowhead believes personalized, secure and high quality healthcare is possible for everyone.

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Bowhead Whitepaper