Bounty0x Whitepaper


We believe in a tokenized economy. will advance the vision of a
decentralized future and streamline bounty management by accomplishing three keys tasks:
(1) enabling anyone to host and manage bounty campaigns by posting bounties, and
disbursing payments to bounty hunters (2) enabling users seeking to participate in a bounty
program (hereinafter “bounty hunters”) to search bounty listings, participate in said bounties,
complete bounty tasks, and receive rewards and payments (3) automating the process of
reviewing bounty task submissions by enabling third party reviewers (hereinafter “bounty
sheriffs”) to ensure the accuracy and quality of bounty submissions by staking BNTY tokens
in exchange for value.

Companies utilize bounties as a means to recruit community members to complete
tasks in exchange for receiving a reward. Currently, the options available for teams seeking
to have tasks accomplished is inefficient. In order to have bounties completed, startup teams
are often required to spend time posting on forums or chat groups in order to advertise what
bounties are available to potential bounty hunters. It can be difficult for users to locate which
(companies/organizations/ICOs/entities) are accepting bounties and which have already
been completed.

Additionally, ensuring that all bounties have been completed accurately, and that the
user who completes the bounty receives payment to the correct address can be difficult. The
entire process is inefficient and time consuming. Because the process is inefficient, it limits
the scope and breadth of bounties that bounty hosts can outsource to bounty hunters. will enable companies and startups to accomplish more tasks thanks to the help
of thousands of bounty hunters who contributed to the project. will be a one stop shop for Bounty Hosts and Bounty Hunters to
collaborate in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Teams will be able to easily and efficiently
disburse payments to contributors who have fulfilled the requirements of any bounties using
their own native token. A verification process and reputation system will be built in to verify
that each task was successfully completed before payment is disbursed.

Bounty0x Whitepaper

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Bounty0x Whitepaper