Blue Protocol Whitepaper

Blue is offering a family of developer tools, consumer software, and guidelines for the
development of digital assets tools on the Ethereum network. The existing infrastructure
relies heavily on the storage of private keys and passwords to authenticate the transfer
of funds. These are easily phished, lost, or stolen, and have led to the loss of a massive
amount of funds since the inception of the Ethereum network. We use the following
major components to protect user funds, improve user experience, secure the safety of
digital assets, and help Ethereum and cryptocurrency at large thrive.

BLUE Protocol
A series of smart contracts and backend systems that allow all the network to function
securely and conveniently. The Blue Protocol allows for 2-factor authentication without a
central party. Funds are held in smart contracts for users, who maintain complete
control over these meta-wallets. This is secured by the blockchain identification system,
secure asset storage, smart contract analysis, blockchain analysis, address blacklisting
and whitelisting, and anti-phishing capabilities.

We offer wallet developers, exchanges, and e-commerce sites the option of integrating
the Blue Protocol in to their own systems with the same automatic verification of digital
assets and transactions as the BLUE Wallet offers. By integrating our easy to use SDK,
with only a few lines of code our partners are able to demonstrate their commitment to
security and protection of user’s digital assets.

BLUE Wallet
The BLUE Wallet is a multi-platform application that allows for sending, receiving, and
storing of ethereum based assets such as ERC20 tokens and beyond. By building our
own wallet we are able to integrate our security protocol, including decentralized 2FA,
deep integration with dApps, and a user friendly user experience using an internet-wide
identification system secured by the blockchain.

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Blue Protocol Whitepaper