Blocktix Whitepaper


1 Introduction
The core purpose of Blocktix is to provide a decentralized event hosting and ticket distribution network.
Companies and individuals can buy and sell tickets through unforgeable cryptographic signatures stored
on the blockchain. With this approach, we have simplified the process of buying and selling tickets and
removed the infrastructure of centralized servers. Both parties can therefore enjoy the lowest fees and no
downtime due to the decentralized nature .

Anyone who possesses enough tokens can create events and sell tickets online without worrying about any
of the additional complexities that are typically encountered. Blocktix provides a user-friendly interface
for the execution of smart contracts, bringing its advanced capabilities to the masses with an intuitive
application. This approach reduces the complexity of the interaction with smart contracts and provides
an additional layer of security minimizing the possibility of fraud or malicious third party interference
with the application due to the standardization of contracts.

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Blocktix Whitepaper