Blockpool Whitepaper


The BLOCKPOOL platform is a data agnostic, modular platform coded in Java and Javascript. Its core is designed to solve multiple different problems by utilizing plugins, blockchain sidechains and other SaaS modular solutions.

The BPL Platform will be a data agnostic, digital router used to connect legacy systems and leverage the best parts of the blockchain, all while maintaining security and system stability. Our solution is designed to be flexible and easily maintained.

Essentially a data-agnostic digital router or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the BLOCKPOOL Platform will utilize an API-based object-oriented coding model designed to pass data to the required plugins. The plugins will perform the heavy lifting, facilitating communications between legacy system APIs, the BLOCKPOOL platform and any subsequent blockchains and legacy systems.

In some cases legacy systems have become so entrenched within an organiza- tion that they are either unwilling or hesitant to part with them, however those legacy systems are unable to communicate with each other. Our platform is the man in the middle. Facilitating the hitherto impossible communication between closed source software.

Organizations and corporations are always looking for an easily managed way to perform business and manage data more ef ciently. The BLOCKPOOL platform will enable corporations to begin integrating their current systems in with the blockchain, without requiring extensive knowledge of how the chain functions.

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Blockpool Whitepaper