Blocknode Whitepaper

Bitcoin’s demand has
increased exponentially over
the last few years and it has
pioneered the way for the
production of various
well-known “altcoins”
including Ethereum, Dash and
Monero, all offer something
new to the cryptocurrency
space. However, just as
prevalent, are tokens that
offer wild and fanciful road
maps, throw buzz words
around liberally and harbour a
value system rife with
dishonesty and greed. They
are essentially money grabs
with no intention or
sustainable plan to follow
through on their promises.
The philosophy of Blocknode
is inspired by a famous Bob
Dylan quote: “To live outside
the law, you must be honest.”
We believe the building blocks
to revolutionising the
financial system, as we know
it, have to be built by honest
and transparent projects
with real world purpose.
Blocknode aims to give back
and reward the community
that embraces new
technology. As more
businesses embrace
decentralisation, payment
and loyalty systems also
need to evolve.
What follows is a clear and
concise demonstration of
the benefits and value of
Blocknode, and how we
intend to succeed block by

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Blocknode Whitepaper