BlockMesh Whitepaper

“Technology has the potential to lift people out of
poverty. All signs point to the developing world
skipping past the eras of landlines and desktop
computers and going straight to mobile. That
potential for two-way communication is changing
the face of international development. For the first
time ever, we’re able to have a clear line to people
who are in the middle of nowhere to give them a
sense of a future, information, opportunity and

Connect people via a self-sustaining network that has
the ability to reward participation. Our methodology
is to enable this change by running an efficient commercial business model.
Mobile telephony providers have implemented a very
aggressive diffusion strategy for mobile networks,
especially throughout Africa. The aggressive mobile
telephony strategy has increased its market share,
adoption of smart technology and infrastructure. Our
technology relies on the adoption and market share
characteristics, not infrastructure.

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BlockMesh Whitepaper